Tuesday, May 25, 2010

AeroPress Video

How to Video

Looking for a video on how to use an AeroPress Coffee Maker then look no further here you go:

It is that easy

Monday, May 10, 2010

Search Help?

Here are a few searches that may help:

Looking for Jura Coffee Machines South Africa, then click here: jura coffee machines south africa,
Or perhaps in Cape Town then click here: coffee machines cape town, which will give you a list of Jura coffee machines, if you are looking for other coffee equipment then click here: coffee equipment cape town.
You looking for the most successful one-button the Jura Impressa f50, then click here: jura f50, which has information of the new relaunch Jura F50.

Looking for a comparison summary of juras, then click here: jura coffee range comparison.

That's a quick post with a few goodies

Monday, May 3, 2010

Jura F50 still the stalwart

Having used and sold the Jura Impressa F50, from Quaffee for almost half a decade, being told that it would be updated made me nervous. Change is like that when change comes it to a product as fantastic as the Jura F50. You wonder is the change going to mess things up?

Jura Impressa F50 available Cape Town

So a month after its release and use, I am happy report that, they have in fact fixed the one thing that needed fixing, added programmability. They have also given it the ability to draw 0 yes zero power from the mains when off, making it a little more eco friendly.

The best thing is it still makes a great cup of coffeethat made it as good as it is.

So it means that all you need is coffee beans, some good water and a finger and you can have great coffee at a press of a button, and it will remember how to make it if you want it to.

The old stalwart is still the old stalwart just polished a bit